About Us


"My parent owned a renowned fashion and tailoring business, and they taught me, and all my 5 siblings how to sew. I started learning ever since I was 8 years old, and I've been doing it ever since."

 Founder of NC BRIDAL

What We Do

Our designers are artisans, whose true passion is for the art of couture. We carefully capture the trend of modernity, where something little appears more. At the same time, we value detailed embellishments, natural silk and lace as a touch up to build a sense of uniqueness to every design in order create a dress that reflects our brides. 

With technical skills true to the workmanship of a specialist, our designers and seamstress' pride on bringing every bride's dream dress to life. Every individual gown is handled with utmost love and handmade with intricate care tweaked and prepared until the day you pick it up from our store. 


Our most popular service is fitting & alterations for wedding and bridesmaid dresses. From luxury fabrics to beautiful laces, hand beaded embellishment to floating silk endeavor, or to flatter the silhouette of your body, we'll perfect the fitting and style according to your preference. 


Our new, exclusive service is made to order dresses. Here, we work hand in hand with you to bring your dream gown into reality. All we need is your ideas and references and our designers will offer further offer suggestions to expand your options, contacting you via email and in person one on one brainstorming along with sampling fabrics, to ensure that the dress you're investing in is a reflection of a timeless piece that is more than just a dress. 


NC BRIDAL is a bridal business that specializes in the haute couture side of bridal, our brand NC BRIDAL not only reflect our designer but also the fact that ‘NC’ stands for new couture which reflects our goal of making every dress unique to its wearer. Every garment made is by the artisan craftsmanship of both our founding designer NC and experienced seamstress, who work from scratch ensuring a close attention to detail in order to create a unique and perfect wedding dress for our clients. We are an up and coming business with over 30 years of experience working in the bridal industry. Our business goals are heavily consumer based as we believe we can confidently say that our dresses are your perfection, we strive for perfection and for a happy bride. Although we are a brand that was established in early 2020, we are proud to say that all our clients have walked away satisfied with beautiful flawless gowns that seamlessly fit and accentuates every individual bride's beauty.


The founder of NC BRIDAL has well over 30 years experience, in this 30 years of experience working under other big bridal brands, the founder noticed the unethical side of big corporate bridal business labels, in which designers and seamstresses would painstakingly work against the clock leaving the workers burnt out, sick which resulted in more mistakes with their performance, whereas brides who bought their dresses were asked to come to 2-3 fitting which were never enough fittings to guarantee a perfect fit or nevertheless a perfect dress for the individual bride. Hence why in developing NC BRIDAL, the founder and her team decided to form a business with unlimited fittings as needed, to ensure close one on one work with our clients to ensure that each individual client with their individual beauties walked away with a dresses that not only were showstoppers but dresses that reflected the bride we got to know, as we believe that your wedding day isn't just about the amount of planning and products you invested onto this big day but rather story of you and your partner that lead you where you are today, wearing a gown that reflects your personality and character, the main character of your story in which we integrate into our garments.