No dress fits perfectly off the rack.

Our mission is to make our brides ever more so beautiful on their wedding day by perfecting the style and fit of their dress.

1st fitting

This is the perfect opportunity for you to let us know what exactly you're looking for. Is it just the fit of the dress? Do you want to change the style? Our designer and seamstress specialists will take note of your ideas and offer suggestions based on the hundreds of dresses they've worked on. 

More importantly, we'll be taking your measurements, so make sure you bring your dress, wear the correct undergarments and bring your heels (if any) for the most accurate fitting. 

Pricing varies according to the scope of the alteration, so once we know your idea of the perfect dress, we'll organize an alterations quote just for you. 

As soon as you make the deposit, we'll start working on your dress.


You'll greet everyone all day, pose for photo shoots and dance all night. As amazing as you'll look on your special day, it's important to us that you'll feel comfortable in your gown too!

2nd fitting

Once we've made the changes under your request, we will invite you to a 2nd fitting to make sure it fits as expected and the style meets your expectations.

Remember, we have a 100% satisfaction policy! We offer unlimited revisions on fittings until you can say yes to the dress. So if further adjustments are required for fitting purposes, we'll arrange a follow-up appointment.

However, if you wish to change a design or style which is not promised in the contract, additional costs may be incurred. 

Your balance will be due at pick up at the final appointment.

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