Make your day a memorable one with a dress uniquely designed just for you. All you need to do is bring your ideas to us and we'll make it come true.

1st consultation

The purpose of this session is to understand what the perfect dress looks like to you. Bring a picture of your ideal dress and we'll recommend the best lace, fabric and any beading according to your budget. We'll also suggest our own ideas from working with hundreds of dresses over the years to expand your options.

Here, we'll also take your measurements, so make sure you wear the correct undergarment and bring your heels (if any) for the most accurate fitting.

Consultations need to be booked at least 4 months in advance of your wedding date.

As soon as you make your deposit, we'll start working on your dress!


You'll greet everyone all day, pose for photo shoots and dance all night. As amazing as you'll look on your special day, it's important to us that you'll feel comfortable in your gown too!

2nd consultation

Once we've made good progress on your dress, we'll book you in for another appointment to make sure the fitting and style is on track with your expectations. 

Remember, we have a 100% satisfaction policy! We offer unlimited revisions until you can say yes to the dress. What's more special for our made to order service, is that our unlimited revisions not only cover fitting purposes, but also minor changes in design and style! That means that if you change your mind on any part of the dress, we'll cover it under no extra cost as long as it doesn't completely contradict the style promised in the contract.

However, if you wish to completely transform a design or style which is not promised in the contract, additional costs may be incurred. 

Your balance will be due at pick up at the final appointment.

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